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Institute of Politology, Sociology and Philosophy

Institute Council

Institute Council

Institute Council (electoral term 2020-2024)

The Council of the Institute of Political Science, Sociology and Philosophy is an opinion-making and advisory body to the Director in the scope of the Institute’s activities.

The competence of the Institute Council includes giving opinions and advising the Institute Director in:

  • creating new degree programs and implementing the teaching process on degree programs conducted within the Institute,
  • composition of program and teaching teams appointed by the Institute Director,
  • evaluation of teaching on the degree programs offered inthe Institute,
  • preparation for accreditation of degree programs,
  • matters concerning the professional advancement of academic staff employed at the Institute.

Members of the Council:

  • dr hab. Przemysław Kisiel, prof. UEK (Associate Professor) – Chairman of the Institute’s Council
  • prof. dr hab. Janina Filek (Full Professor)
  • dr hab. Piotr Augustyniak, prof. UEK (Associate Professor)
  • dr hab. Joanna Dzwończyk, prof. UEK (Associate Professor)
  • dr hab. Robert Jakimowicz, prof. UEK (Associate Professor)
  • dr hab. Rafał Prostak, prof. UEK (Associate Professor)
  • dr hab. Andrzej Słaboń, prof. UEK (Associate Professor)
  • dr Marcin Kędzierski (Assistant Professor)
  • mgr Agata Marcisz
  • Paweł Jarosz– Student Representative
  • Nikola Hyży– Student Representative
  • Sofiia Vaskovska– Student Representative