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Institute of Politology, Sociology and Philosophy

About Institute

About Institute

Organizational background and Institute activities

The Institute of Political Science, Sociology and Philosophy (Instytut Politologii, Socjologii i Filozofii) is a unit established within the College of Public Economy and Administration. The Institute is responsible for delivery of degree programs in the discipline Public economy and administration.

The Institute consists of the following Departments:

  1. Department of Philosophy
  2. Department of Political Studies
  3. Department of International Relations
  4. Department of Sociology

Following Polish regulations, the Institute is a unit created within the College in order to conduct teaching activities related to one (major) scientific discipline or a scientific area that is part of a scientific discipline. The Institute delivers at least one degree program which, in this case is fulfilled through:

First-cycle programs in:

  • Applied Social Sciences (in Polish)
  • International Relations (in Polish)

Second-cycle programs in:

  • Economic Diplomacy and Statecraft (in English)
  • International Studies (in English)
  • International Relations (in Polish)