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Institute of Politology, Sociology and Philosophy

Institute Director

Institute Director
Director of the Institute of Political Science, Sociology and PhilosophyDr Hab. Przemysław Kisiel, Prof. UEK (Associate Professor)
Prof. Kisiel Przemysław

The Institute Director is tasked with management of activities regarding degree issues and student affairs on programs delivered in the Institute. The tasks include:

  • coordinating and supervising the implementation of the teaching process on degree programs delivered in the Institute,
  • analysing the results of academic teacher appraisal (evaluations),
  • formulating recommendations for the employees of Departments (Chairs) functioning within the Institute regarding their teaching activities,
  • coordinating and supervising the student graduation process,
  • supervising the assurance of intended learning outcomes on degree programs delivered in the Institute,
  • approving individual timetables of academic teachers,
  • deciding on the staffing of classes on Institute degree programs,
  • conducting nostrification of diplomas of completion of studies abroad or confirmation of completion of studies at a specific level on degree programs appropriate for the Institute.